Keep On: Lupus & Me



It was hard keeping track of my medicine schedule.  Besides the weekly infusion therapy, I was in the trial, succeed, trial, let’s wait and see stage of my new life.  I had several specialists I would see regularly over the next year– a rheumatologist, a neurologist, endocrinologist and other internal medicine physicians.  My case was so medically interesting that I was asked for permission to allow three medical students to observe treatments and some visits.  I agreed. 

A nice young lady who would soon be a doctor stood by as I had the first of several kidney biopsies.  The nephrologist commented on his surprise over the amount of fat his biopsy needle/claw had to traffic through to get to my kidney.  The contraption he used looked like a skinny metal turkey baster with a long rod.  I asked how the procedure worked and then wished I hadn’t.  I can…

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One thought on “Keep On: Lupus & Me”

  1. Estela, I’ve read several of your own story post on Lupus and I’m struck by your courage and insight! A complete understanding of the disease and the progression! Not everyone’s able or willing to tell such a story. You are a very brave woman! Thank you! And thank you for following me. I’m now following you.


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