Searching for the known


There is an ignorance I miss.  I really just traded it for a different type of ignorance.  I went through the time in life most go through.  Who am I?  Why are we here?  Why am I here?  I understand that we will each find our own meaning and definition and that it’s ever evolving.  During the time of young searching, I wondered what it meant to be Mexican and American at the same time.  I can’t say Mexican American in front of some of my family unless I want to have fun.  They ask, isn’t Mexico one of the America’s?  Does United States have a monopoly on the use of “America.”  Depending on the day, I will drag it out or quickly agree.

The same conversations and pushes come up with others about what to call ourselves or others. It’s insane but I imagine necessary.  I am a human…

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