The Silence That Followed…

Talking can be tough.  Especially when the conversation goes silent.  The next time you find yourself in a situation where you sense the person you are talking to wants to say more here is something you can try–

Try repeating what the person said– then stop. You have to be careful– you don’t want to restate it as a question or add any of your own salsa picante (literal translation is hot sauce but just my way of saying attitude).

So, let’s say the person you are having a conversation with is your spouse.  You just asked him if he wants to go to a friends house for dinner and he says, “I don’t like going to their house.”  In a non salsa picante voice, you say, “You don’t like going there.”  That’s it.  Then stop and listen.  Stay away from restating what the person said in your own words or “What I hear you saying is….”.  This is not the time for Dr. Phil or Walter Mercado.

Sometimes the silence and not adding anything to what they are trying to say is enough.  If you really want to hear the answer, keep it as uncomplicated as possible–  if you don’t introduce anything new to the discussion at that point, you provide an opportunity for the other person to go more in depth with their thoughts.

Simple, right?  Well, it won’t work if there isn’t enough trust in the relationship but that’s a whole other conversation.  It’s not a trick, just another tool to help communication along.  Silence is golden and sometimes it’s just what you need to really get to something you’ve been waiting to hear long before that discussion ever began.  There is also no guarantee you will like the response either–  Hey, this was just a “super short”– I know some of you well!  You’ll have to come back for what happens after the real conversation starts 🙂  Good luck!

The puppy has nothing to do with the rest of the post.  It’s a picture of a puppy that has turned into a big dog named Lady.  She has since eaten both chanclas but still has the same cute wrinkly face 🙂  Happy birthday Lady!


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