The Garden

Double duty cilantro

We are reaching the end of our second year in a new town.  I guess it’s not new after two years but there are some things that just take some time before it really seems like home.  Last year I didn’t get around to starting a garden.  Early morning digging and picking flowers had been part of my routine before that.  I would take wonderful bouquets of flowers to work and there was never any shortage of blooms for the kitchen table.

I made a promise that this year would be different.  I don’t have any cutting flowers this year but I discovered that cilantro can pull double duty in a new garden.  After the young leaves have been picked for salsas or to perk up some caldo, let the plant grow.  You will get wonderfully tall stems with little white flowers.  It helped fill in those bare spots that are waiting for the perennials to fill in.

I was great at growing flowers back at the old garden but aside from the vegetables that will grow no matter what you do, I never really had much luck with things you could eat.  I would have baskets full of tomatillos and pumpkins–  I think they would grow no matter what.  I am happy to say I grew this tomato.  It tasted great!  I think this new garden will come into it’s own and be just fine.

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