I went to Times Square once


Some people think it’s ugly here.  I used to agree.  I would go on rants about how I would never live here by choice and how I would move away as soon as I got the chance.  I did.  At the age of 16, I moved from a kind of small town to what people in New York called a kind of small town in Long Island.  I enrolled myself in William Floyd High School and found a part time job at a clothing store.

I had never been on a plane or train, just automobile and the Greyhound bus with my mom once.  I would call home and tell everyone about riding the subway without care of getting lost.  I would hop on with little more than just fare.  I ended up in Coney Island once, me and my little son.

El amor de un hijo Estela with the wide grin. My son with…

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