Autism Tales: A glimpse

Autism Tales is a collection of memories from the Caballero family. They are more than stories. It’s life.


Gustavo has a wonderful memory.  These are his drawings on some of his favorite subjects– Godzilla and an old video game.  He has notebooks of drawings that provide me with a glimpse into his thoughts.  The cat is acting curator.

Gustavo is now a teenager.  I’m in denial that he is taller than me even in the face of photos clearly showing he is literally a head and shoulder above me.  As I look up to see his face when he stands before me, I see my boy.  I see him as he is now and back then. A special vision that is gifted to short people who love growing children.

Before he was old enough for kindergarden, Gustavo had a school teacher.  He also had a physical therapist and a speech therapist.  I remember doubting the speech therapist was really on the same level as the physical therapist.  The physical…

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