A Beautiful Place

To all the amazing young women I have been blessed with in my life. Nieces, aunts, cousins and most of all my beautiful daughter. As you fly, as you soar through the beginnings of your life, remember this. It becomes the past too fast. You are amazing. You deserve the best. Strong young ladies, this is your world and it’s better because you are here!


Hurry to nowhere

On the road to nowhere
Please just hurry up
Can’t you see I’m busy
Rushing, rush, rush
I’ll see you when we get there
Wait, that’s not the way
Wander off the beaten path
Be careful
Don’t stray
Join me
Together, hurry to there
Dark at the end but it’s certain
It’s there
I can’t
So don’t wait
I’m not going there
Go if you must
Rush to nowhere
Mi madre querida me dijo asi
It’s fear that drives people
Their lives
It seems
Fear that makes people
Forget about dreams
Better to walk
A path not yet known
Better to live
Something you own
Fear owns the people
I’m one of them
You little daughter
Are stronger
You’ll win
Your heart made of things
I gave away
To ready your journey
And chase fear away
Abandon the road
The rush to nowhere
You have a place
A beautiful somewhere

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