Dear sweet girls


I can’t hold the wind

But I know it exists

I can’t hold your heart

Tiny and fading

But the beating persists

Three hundred spirits

Gone so it seems

Three hundred hearts

Will they ever be seen

Not like they were

How was yesterday

A long time ago

Have they ever been safe

Tomorrow is dark

Even if saved today

The savers have shadows

Their own dark days

From long before

The three hundred went away

Dear sweet girls

Let’s fly away

Dear sweet girls

I know you must stay

Be certain of this

Prayers do exist

Just like the wind

That there were a home

Where you could be happy

And do as you wish

One thought on “Dear sweet girls”

  1. I wonder what happened to the lost girls , The media got all silent ..Sometimes it seems like the world only can focus on one tragedy at the time 😦 . This is a very beutiful food for thought poem ., Thank you for sharing ❤


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