Everyday People


It was just a walk

I know that well

A walk

To pass the time

Where do I start

You have my heart

Without fail

I fall in love with you all over again


At the same moment we both thought of our boys. The life to date.  The choices.  The fate.  The long we pray still awaits.


The hopes and dreams for a daughter.  Her unique take on the dance.  Dear sweet daughter, keep on, keep strong.  You have us ever at your side, mesmerized by the brilliant wonder you continue to become!

As we were walking through the park, we came across a young couple memorializing the start of their walk.  I couldn’t resist taking these pictures even though I was not on the guest list.  They were radiant and in that deep kind of intoxicating love.  Unknown couple, me and my intoxicator wish you the best and thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day.


The Lilac Bloomsday Race is an annual event in Spokane, WA.  The World Expo had been held in Spokane in 1974.  By the time a runner set out to build on the renewed interest in downtown Spokane in 1976, the stage for a unique happening was set among the remnants of the Expo ’74.

On May 1, 1977, more than 1,000 runners made their way to the start line for the first ever Bloomsday Run.  Interested in reading more about the history of Bloomsday or Spokane, WA, check out https://www.bloomsdayrun.org/history-stats/history

Every year, the number of racers grows with spectators keeping pace.  There are a few pieces of artwork in the park in honor of those racers with special needs.  One beautiful piece is shown in the picture below.  A racer in the wheelchair.



Thank you to my partner in life— este dia va seguir en mi memoria para toda mi existencia.  Te amo.

Tu esposa,


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