The animal tree

The animal tree

Remember when we used to be
Barefoot and muddy
Running free
The stem of the pumpkin
Fancied into a blowing thing

Baby sister and little brothers three
If we could imagine it
So it would be
Remember when we used to be
Two little sisters and baby boys three
Happy and free

We had a special spot to meet
We claimed it
And called it the animal tree
Near the garden father planted beans
Passerbyers couldn’t see the wild beasts
My elephant, your bear, tiger like things
All the hopes and dreams of we
Our safari long after sunset
Riding the animal tree
I love you my sister
Rider of trees

9 thoughts on “The animal tree”

  1. Thank you. She is just one year younger than me. She’s beautiful inside and out. She facebooked me when I posted and said she really had forgot until she read the poem….then she remembered the giraffe πŸ™‚


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