Deeper Dive: It’s Your Life. Drive!

Deeper Dive:  It's Your Life.  Drive!

What’s behind 4utu’s guiding statement of It’s your life, Drive!?

A challenge. Would you ever get in the back seat of a car with no driver and expect to get to your destination? Probably not.

What about fuel? You’ve never had much luck but today you were caller number 5 and correctly answered the weekly musical challenge. The prize– 10 gas tank fill ups. Would you pass up an offer for even one free fill up at the gas station? It’s yours as long as you don’t mind it’s water instead of gas. They are both liquids and can be dispensed using the same equipment. That’s close enough right? Imagine recounting how you let someone put water into your gas tank and were shocked when it wouldn’t start. Complacency is Driving’s archnemesis. A close second is Lack of Personal Accountability.

Being without a driver doesn’t mean you won’t move. There are countless ways that car could move with you sitting in the back seat. The ground could open up and swallow you with one gulp. A car gulping earthquake is extreme but you get the point.

You could be towed away. The tow driver has no interest in where you want to go. Plus if you make a scene, they will have great bonus features for a reality show surely in the works. The tow and undeniable movement were a result of a decision. You are now moving, you are being pulled along.

As you watch your car being towed away, the two fellows who sit at your shoulders are whispering. One reminds you that no action is an action. This could have been avoided. The other goes into a hyper speed frenzy of why others were at fault for what is happening to you.

Another car could run into your parked car and there would be movement for sure. Calls to be made, pictures for the insurance company, trying to get a car rental while yours is in the repair shop. Plenty of action, plenty of business, plenty of movement. No driving.

There are certain aspects of life outside of our control. That’s not a bad thing. It would be naïve to think that scooting into the driver’s seat means our goals will be realized according to plan. You could start driving 100 miles per hour and never get to your destination if you are driving in the wrong direction. Driving or chance? Reactive or proactive?

Driving is just one part of success. It means making choices. It means you’ve thought through what’s important to you and are being intentional about bringing your dreams and ideas to life.

Countless potential never realized. Waves of change withered, now sand. Luck and Chance are the craftiest of drivers. They text and email glimmers of hope. Souls wait and wait. What about fate and destiny’s take? My arrogance might scare them away. Defiance could provoke them to make an example out of me.

When will you stand? More importantly, where will you be? What seat will you take? Generations have come and gone waiting. Don’t let your dreams die in the back seat.

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