The ants considered themselves lucky. Their planet was safe and they had great food and company. Business was booming in Tyre Circle World. Deals were being made to relocate part of the colony into newly discovered planet nearby.

It was forbidden to leave the inner planet. The planet’s surface was dangerous and many had been killed or gone missing after explorations. There were a few ways to get out for necessities not manufactured or grown in the inner planet. Only a select few were trained and entrusted with the golden book of maps to help them navigate back safely.

The ants had initially ventured outside of the planet for food. Later, they wanted to find out if they were really alone. The universe was grand. If there were others like them or even others that were different that would mean something. It would answer questions the ants said they need to know. Their existence needs to mean something.

So many acts of nature cause great pain and suffering to the ants. Trees with legs cause earthquakes. Trees with legs stole their old planet. They need to know what it means. What’s out there? Are we alone?

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