Lupus and Me: Crickets and Hoppers

Here’s next story of Lupus and Me. I’ll also share more about our family’s experience with autism later today.



 This is a recent picture of me ready for the day job. There’s some well earned grey hair on this head.  I’m still not sure if I’ll go with it or get spruced up.  If you haven’t read an earlier post on my blog appropriately titled “Don’t Ever Follow Your Dog’s Advice on Hair.  Ever.”  you should check it out after you read this. There’s no telling what the outcome of that will look like if I try to color my hair at home.

We really didn’t go to the doctor as children.  As I became an adult, I avoided doctor’s visits as much as possible.  Partly because of the cost and partly because anything aside from prenatal visits usually didn’t make the top of the list when I had free time.

The flags were present even as a child.  I grew up mostly in the country and spent time outside…

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