Adventure ahead. No airports or suitcases required.

No matter where you live, there are always local treasures we tend to overlook because , well– we drive by them all the time.  The next time you find yourself daydreaming about your next vacation, talk to friends in the area and ask them what their favorite local places are.

I did and was amazed by the beauty I found just 10 minutes from home.  Did a chilly and gray day walking through the Wildlife Refuge with my family come close to a sunny beach on a tropical island?  Yup!

I grew up in the country so I am used to critters– crawling critters, digging critters, all kinds of critters.  My reaction– when I encounter animals roaming around does not match this.  It’s strange but I always get excited at the site of any non human living creature.  I’m embarassed to say that even a squirrel gets the kind of attention the crocodile hunter gave to crocs– complete with narrative.  My husband pointed out a small herd of deer.  I almost jumped out of a slowly moving car.  He pulled over and and I did a pink panther walk in their direction so I wouldn’t scare them away.  They looked up at me and then to each other.  My guess is they voted that I was more of a danger to myself based on how they perceived my stealth mode.  They went back to munching on grass.

Deer watching
Deer watching
Mad dogging eagle
Mad dogging eagle

There were at least two bald eagles, geese and flocks of ducks.  The eagle spotted me long before I saw him.  I tried some different stealth moves I learned watching movies like Resident Evil and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.  He wasn’t fooled and flew away after he gave me a look that can only be described as “mad dogging”.  I was on his turf.

Great day!


4 thoughts on “Adventure ahead. No airports or suitcases required.”

  1. Beautiful photos. Your post reminds me of how whenever I go on holidays i return home and tend to look at my surroundings with a “touristy” perspective…although it doesn’t last for long before i’m back to robotic, automatic rush..rush..rush:)
    I find that carrying a camera (in my home city) helps me to notice more the beauty around.
    You seem to live in an amazing, peaceful area.


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