Stand Your Noise


This is my symbol

Played marching right

Crash went my symbol

Drums pounding with fight

This is my symbol

A tune serves it well

Musical message

Bid me farewell

That night

Hid my symbol

You don’t know me well

My hand on the edge

Betrayed harmony tell

I was frightened

I won’t lie

Thunderous swell

Such quiet

Your symbol

Oddest of pairs

Crash went my symbol

Winged truth

Free from it’s snare



El Silencio Mata

Lovely little

Thing it is


Far away


You ask


You say

Just a lovely

Little tuft

To pass the time

Just the same

Name you ask

Name I say

Still her wander

Lovely shame

Silent still


Needs no name

~~ Estela

I’m worried it takes too much to shock us. Don’t grow numb to what’s wrong.


aEC Estela Latina Blogger

Later today, the first of what I hope to be a great many years of official introductions to my favorite bloggers and artists.

Seeing the 2 year anniversary mark for this blog took me back to the reason I started blogging…guess what?   It is completely different from the reason I continue to blog.

Starting today, I will choose one fellow blogger or artist to spotlight on my blog.  I was introduced into a supportive and caring world of strangers on that first day on WordPress– not what I expected after hearing all of the horror stories of trolls and bullies that haunt too many pages.

I keep blogging because of you my friends.  I’m captivated by your stories and warmth.

Stay tuned.




Thank you for all the visits to my new adventure on eBay.  New treasures under bellarealvintage on eBay.  See you there!

Dream big grasshoppers.  Dream big, then do it.  It’s your life.  Drive!

<3 Estela

Tell It Again

Tell me the story

of the night

of the morn

when they walked in the fields

picking the corn

laughing and dancing

the dance of their life

bitter and sweet

tell it

then cry

Tell me the story

when he dreamt in rhymes

they live again

in the song

in the lines

the story of them

it’s yours

it’s mine

Tell me the story

then tell it again

the one where we laugh

the one where we cry

let it all out

then say goodnight

Not the Robinsons
An artist can capture magic with a few simple lines. Don’t over complicate things.

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